The 40 year old lady Dr Shaista Wahidi, the famous Pakistani morning show host and sister of Sahir lohdi has been finally divorced.Shaishta

Dr Shaista Wahidi Divorce

It is reported as that she filled divorce papers against her husband and shifted herself to a separate apartment in defence while her husband still lives in Nazimabad. Last year she took a vacation to Thailand with her kids only.Shaista Wahidi Divorce

She has been severely sick with depression and other stuff due to which she was not hosting for Utho Jago Pakistan.

But now she is back after a long time. She always used to put Wahidi with her name but now she calls herself as Dr Shaista Talking about the public views, some people blame Shaista for divorce while some blame her husband. Some say Maybe its the greed for quick big money that causes rifts in families and husbands and wives, or the stress of the job.
Big money comes with big stress. That is why people who win big lotteries mostly end up being in trouble sooner or later. Reports indicated that Shaista’s husband was against her from being on television, dancing on the show, showing off expensive dresses, etc.

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  1. Rehnana Mohyuddin says:

    It’s a pity that the shallow woman Shaista has given a broken home to her children for her personal motives and material gains.


  2. syed says:

    laante aurat hay yah

  3. mahwi says:

    aurat ki hirs uss ko dozakh main lay jaye ge

  4. laila says:

    kanjari orat hai yea … bey haya bey ghariyat … gushti na mou na matha jin pharu latha……..

  5. shahid says:

    No comments on her personal matter but this is wrong with threre husband and childrens and she is going on a wrong track…I think she will be return with in her family……This will be best for her personal life…

  6. anjum says:

    She is so cute i like her,……..God blessed her,……………….. this is all her personal matter pls dont absuse her,Thanks,

  7. naeem says:

    hume to yaqee nahi aaraha shaista to bohat bohat achi hai kesi ke bare main atina bora nahi kahna chahi…

  8. jaish says:

    ais auraat nay tauheen nay resalaat ki thee

  9. maha sheikh says:

    this is fact it is her personal matter but in fact it is totally wrong ‘akin jab ensan apnaye carrier mean hota hia our agaye barna chata hia to wo kisi ke nahe sunta lakin waqat guzarnye k sath sath pachta b hia our tance b hota plz do not worry time guzarny k sath sath sab theak hojaye ga waqat kabi aik jasa nahe rahta waqat boht bara ustad hia God bless you

  10. florist2013 says:

    As a husband he has right on his wife to like or dislike her appearance on the show and also he can comment on to what extend she should be acting/ overacting. God knows best what is the story behind as we do not know the full story so cannot make any judgement what has actually happened.

  11. Harrib says:

    Its good news for me. Dr Shaista Wahidi i hope ur hearing this that i absolutely love u and i would like have beautiful kids with you. I want to father them. Even though you may 42 years old im 25 i will still love. And will never stop u from choosing your carer. Hope u will accept my marriage proposal coz i want to give u and ur current kids and ur future kid my surname may allah make married by me ameen sameen. Im absolutely determined to make Dr Shaista Wahidi my wife. Cause she is ultra beautiful even more beautiful than Kareena Kapoor. I want to have babies with you Shaista Wahidi. Im in totally love wid you baby marry me.

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