Naveen Waqar Wedding Pictures: Shocking and Intrestingas it gets that Naveen Waqar is Now Married to Azfar Ali Last Month it was Tipped but now It is Confirmed that Azfar Divorced his Long Term Wife Salma with his Two Kids. As expected , Many sources Either Denied the new calling it rumor and scandel.Azfar Ali Naveen waqar wedding picture

But nowFinally its is the top discussion on every ones talk. Naveen Waqar was an RJ on fm 91 turned to TV actress she tied a knot with none other Azfar Ali is now her husband Who is a known artist on TV and Showbiz Industry.

Naveen started her carrer with Fm 91 and then she appears on Aag Tv as a host. Later She was Seen in some Top dramas like Hamsafar and Annie ki ay gi Baraat where she played prominent roles boldy and Confidently.

Azfar Ali is a father of two Children and was Married to Salma Married for 9 years and now she is divorced. Naveen did it true what she can’t do in Hamsafar Drama.



  1. saima says:

    wen i first saw u my first impression was dat u r a rigid stubborn rude n self centered person.u r not pretty at all but ur accent n rude looks must hve carried away da stupid married man n led him to sivorce such a nice wife n two innocent kids.shame on a bitch like u and a loser like da way hus first marriage was also alove marriage..if he left his wife wd two childern so easily afta njne years he can leave u soon toooo,

  2. amina says:

    really bad azfar… your first marriage was also a love marriage.. you betrayed your wife.. very bad

  3. Maleeha says:

    Azfar marrying the second time is not such a big deal, many TV celebs have done the same, read about it in the blogpost:

    • iman says:

      but forgot to write how many’s first marriages were broken because of the second wife??? .. kia un celebrities nai be aisa hi kia.. mostly cases main first marriage did not work for some reasons aur phir jab break up ho gya to after some years they met some one else aur second marriage…par idhar to aisa chakkar nai hai….in azfar and naveen’s case, azfar had to divorce salma so he could marry naveen…. naveen ‘the home breaker’ and azfar ´the dumbo duffer who falls in love every nine years’……
      . waisay kia justification hai!!! :D

  4. aisha says:

    fucking idiot azfar
    nd shame on u naveen one day you will regret azfar and naveen is nt a beautiful grl she is also dumb idiot she is nt even attractive aor beautiful

  5. aisha says:

    if u wanna see sekleton on tv see naveen on tv she is fucking idiot bloody

  6. ayesha says:

    its to bad i hate you both

  7. Ali Raza says:

    If this story is real then shame on both Azfar and Naveen…………………… Salma was too good for Azfar :(

  8. Rubina Bano says:

    Very bad azfar…… You are trying to compare yourself with MANI ?? its reaaly really bad … aun 2 bachooon ka kiya kasuur thaa?? … ab aun loogoon kay bachooon ko kiya kiya sunna parayga?? ….. boht afsooos hai….

    Dude you are just a frustrated and selfish person ……. Inshallah !! will pray that God will do the justice with salma and her 2 childern……

    Dude Mani ko dekh kar aap ka bhi shoook yehi hogaya…… Mani ki kismat woi thi….. you should had understand this before taken this kind of decision…..

  9. kaneez says:

    v bad i hate this

  10. Sameen says:

    I feel sorry for Salma! :/

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