Jul 07

Permanent Arrest warrant India issues Singer Adnan Sami

KARACHI: Adnan Sami has had a permanent arrest warrant issued against him in Indore, India.Adnan Sami Arrest Warnt

As per details, the vocalist did not attend a concert in Indore in 2001 and a complaint was lodged against him by G. Raghuvanshi alongside Indore resident Harshad Maule, and Mumbai-based celebrity manager Shilpa Nayak, who was once the manager of Pakistan band Strings.

After trials by the session court, an arrest warrant was issued against the accused in 2005.

The police could not apparently execute the order; therefore, a permanent warrant was issued under sections 406, 420 and 34 of the Indian Penal Code, on November 19, 2011.

Nevertheless, seven months later the warrant reached the intended thana on June 13.

“The order of the court was dated November 19, but it was issued on June 2, that was the main reason for the delay in execution by police,” said SSP Sai Manohar.

According to the rules, he will have to go to Indore to get bail.

However, Sami couldn’t be reached, but his secretary Raju Soni said that Adnan is in London.