Jul 19

Faha to take legal action against Facebook

London: Tennis star Aisam-ul-Haq’s wife Faha Makhdoom has decided to take a legal action against social networking site Facebook after the site has failed to close the fake account that was used to spread rumours about the couple’s marriage.Faha Aisam

She has decided to instruct her lawyers after the fake account—purporting to be her official page—had been used to transmit ‘malicious and disrespectful rumours’ about the celebrity couple.

Dr Akmal Makhdoom, Faha’s father, said ‘false accusations about the honourable Qureshi family’ are being spread in his daughter’s name.

Various accounts on her name were created as soon as she and Aisam got engaged. She personally approached Facebook many times for action against these accounts but to no avail.

At the moment, the family has hired a solicitor to approach the social networking site to look into the serious concerns of the family as more than 8,000 people are following the counterfeit account.

Faha said, “I have nothing to do with this account. My real account is a private one which only my close friends and family know about.”

Dr Makhdoom said, “The site’s failure to close the fake account had serious effects on them. This site is being used to abuse our families and it’s causing distress to us all, especially our daughter.

“We request everyone to please report this account to Facebook. We also ask people to consider what is said on it with contempt by its fake author. This account must not be given any credence.”

Pakistani media reported that Aisam and Faha had decided to end their marriage months after they tied the knot in December last year.

It was reported that the couple decided to part their ways after being failed to develop an understanding between them.

But fathers of each spouse denied any such reports out of hand, terming these news as rumours.

Jul 16

‘Aisam-Faha breakup’: Tennis star’s father denies reports

Islamabad: Father of Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisam-ul-Haq, Ehtisham ul Haq, has denied the media reports that his son and daughter-in-law have decided to split, saying Aisam has not sent divorce papers to his wife.aisam and faha

Ehtisham revealed it only after the matter was conducted in the full glare of publicity and the reports have made the rounds in the media and other forums that the couple have decided to part their ways.

According to sources, Aisam sent separation papers to Faha after they failed to develop mutual understanding.

It has been reported that both families met in London recently only to decide to end the eight-month-old relationship.

Jul 16

Faha removes Aisam pictures from Facebook

London: Wife of Pakistan’s tennis ace Aisam-ul-Haq, Faha Makhdum Akmal on Sunday confirmed reports of difference with Aisam and said that the elders from both sides are trying to resolve the matter.Faha Makhdum

Faha said that the couple is serious about their divorce but the family elders wanted to bury the hatchet between them.

“I’m really upset. People are forcing me to speak more about my relationship with Aisam. I want to make it clear that I’m yet to sign the divorce papers, while Aisam has already signed them. Our families failed to reach a unanimous decision and hence we can’t stay together anymore until a miracle takes place, which is highly unlikely,” she posted on her Facebook page.

The wife of Tennis player said that the misunderstandings between them have reached at its peak and that’s why she has decided to breakup with Aisam.

“Aisam has a very busy life. He plays tennis for 38 weeks in a year. He never gave me enough time. He never treated me as a wife”, she said.

“I respect Ehtashaam Uncle, father of Aisam, but he is wrong over here. Aisam and I are not happy with each other and Aisam has signed divorce papers,” Faha added.

She further said “I’ve changed my display picture as well just because everybody compelled me to do so. I don’t want anything related to Aisam at the moment.”

Earlier the family members from both sides denied the reports of differences between the couple and said that media should avoid to report things before the truth revealed.

Jul 15

Aisam-ul-Haq, Faha Akmal decide to Divorce

Lahore: Pakistani tennis star Aisam ul Haq and his wife Faha Akmal Makhdoom has decided to end up their eight month long marriage relation, a report said on Sunday.Aisam ul Haq Wedding

“Pakistan Tennis star Aisamul Haq has sent separation papers to his wife Faha Makhdoom after the couple failed to develop understanding between them,” Geo News reports.

“Both the families met in London recently and decided to break the relation.”

Faha’s family sources have also confirmed the news while talking to The News Tribe correspondent in UK.

Both entered into the relationship in December 2011 at the Garrison Golf and Country Club Lahore.