Dec 17

Ali Zafar Ranked 2nd Sexiest Asian Man

Ali Zafar is not only well liked for his abundant musical talent, humanitarian causes and, more recently, as an ambassador of peace in Pakistan but also for his charming demeanour and good looks. However, is Pakistani politics rather than Pakistani stars that make international headlines now a days. Ali Zafar

Yet it is actors like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan who were left behind when voting for the Sexiest Asian Man commenced. Both ranked No.7 and No.3 respectively dropped down in the poll voted for internationally across many forums.

It is therefore rather surprising that Ali Zafar’s status as a role model and shinning symbol of success has now been cemented by Britain’s Number 1 Weekly Asian newspaper, Eastern Eye. Ali Zafar has been crowned the closest contender by winning the 2nd place on the Sexiest Asian Man on the Planet list.

The results were published following a worldwide poll in which people from different continents including Asia, Europe, Africa and South America. With an international fan following and a whole host of global well-wishers there is no doubt that he could be crowned the Sexiest Asian Man next year.

Asjad Nazir, editor of the Eastern Eye said, “Ali Zafar is one star who ticks all the boxes, who is a terrifically talented singer, actor and musician. The fact that he is good-looking and a devoted family man has added to his appeal with fans around the world. I think he will go from strength to strength in Bollywood and wouldn’t be surprised if Hollywood comes calling”.