Jun 30

MQM’s Altaf Hussain resigned from chairmanship

Pakistan Politics MQM AltafHussainKARACHI: MQM’s leader Altaf Hussain has announced to resign from the chairmanship of Mutihada Qumi Movement and asked Coordinating Committee of MQM to run the movement.

In his telephonic address with the workers of MQM he told media that British police and scot land yard has raided his house and brought lots of thing from his house. He said British police want to make him involve in I mran Farooq murder case. I showed his determination that he would deal his case by himself.

Adding more he said he would be killed by British Government and establishment wants to kill him. he said if he would be murdered  his murder will lead to the revolution in the country.

During his address to his workers demanded him to tack his decision back. On the other hand widow of Dr. imran Frooq has also requested to take his resignation back.