May 14

Xenab’s Atelier Formal Wear Collection 2013 For Women

Xenab’s Atelier is a well-known clothing brand for women. It provides women with gorgeous dresses for formal wear, semi-formal wear and even bridal wear.
The different collections of Xenab’s Atelier have been quite popular among women as they had beautiful dresses.Xenab's Atelier party wear collection 2013 7

Xenab’s Atelier released its formal wear collection yesterday. Xenab’s Atelier formal wear collection 2013 consists of many different types of formal wear dresses. You can see a lot of different cuts, colors and styles in this formal wear collection of Xenab’s Atelier.For example, Xenab’s Atelier fuchsia collection 2013 released a few weeks back had quite beautiful dresses. The quality of the dresses is quite good.

Feb 26

Ashes Casual And Formal Wear 2013 Dresses For Women

Women Casual And Formal Wear Collection 2013 By Ashes 009Ashes Casual And Formal Wear 2013 Dresses For Women is collection of spring summer attire, title Ashes Affairs, tells quite a different story.Ashes has been working in the field of fashion since year 2012 but in a very short spam of their career they have gained so much fame. Ashes has designed and launched so many seasonal collection for young and independent girls. Ashes provides casual wear, ready to wear & formal wear. Ashes has launched their spring summer collection 2013 recently and gained so much attention. Ashes has now again launched their spring collection for women.