Apr 23

Bhoja crash: Passengers were under $5m cover by Russian insurer

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has submitted its initial report to the government about the Bhoja Air crash in which all the 127 people onboard the aircraft had perished on Friday.Bhoja Air crashSources revealed that the report gives details of the shareholders, financial status and crucial details about the aircraft carrier itself.

All the passengers of Bhoja Air flight B213 and their luggage were third-party insured in Russia covering $5 million. The plane was owned by Jet Aviation Sharjah and it was registered in South Africa and had completed 46,933 flying hours.

Sources revealed that Bhoja Air had acquired it for $20,000 on a rental basis and it arrived in Pakistan on January 26 this year after the administration had completed the import formalities.

According to sources, the report, compiled under the supervision of FIA Director Moazzam Jah Ansari and Corporate Crime Circle Deputy Director Altaf Hussain, includes the information received from chairman of the airline Farooq Bhoja.

The registration number of the Boeing 737-200 was AP-BKC, its serial number was 23167 and its model was from the year 1985. The civil aviation authority of South Africa had given it clearance before it flew to Pakistan. The engineers of the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Pakistan had also given a clear report when they examined it in South Africa, according to sources.

Bhoja purchased its insurance from Reliance Insurance. It also purchased a third-party insurance of its passengers and the luggage through Reliance Insurance from Imgosstrakh Insurance Company of Moscow.