Jan 16

Rahim Yar Khan – Historical and beautiful Bhong Mosque

The Bhong Mosque was constructed by Sardar Rais Ghazi Mohammad, a prominent social and political personality as well as the landlord of a large estate, in 1932 in village Bhong, Tehsil Sadiqabad, District Rahim-Yar Khan. This mosque is located at the distance of 200 kilometres from Bahawalpur. Rahim Yar Khan Historical and beautiful Bhong Mosque

In order to immortalize the mosque, Sardar Rais brought craftsmen, artisans and calligraphers from Lahore, Iran, Spain and Turkey.

The material and craft used in the construction of the mosque include traditional styles (teak, ivory, marble, coloured glass, onyx, glazed tile work, fresco, mirror work, gilded tracery, ceramic, calligraphic work and inlay), modern and synthetic marbleized industrial tile, artificial stone facing, terrazzo, coloured cement tile and wrought iron).

The mosque was initially a Complex consisted of a small mosque but was later converted to a prayer hall and a library for women, madrassa and residential dormitories for students and visitors.