May 24

Big Boss actress Sana Khan tries to kidnap a ’15′ year girl

Big Boss actress Sana KhanSana Khan, the famous actress of Bollywood attempted to kidnap a 15-year old girl. Sana has previously participated in the biggest reality show of India ‘Big Boss’. Moreover,

she is working for Salman Khan’s new film ‘Mental’. The Mumbai police has started investigation regarding Sana Khan, over the accused of attempting to kidnap a girl.

According to the report, Sana wanted to give a lesson to that fifteen years old girl who rejected the marriage proposal of Sana’s cousin Naved. Sana had been arrested along with her cousin and his three friends in the kidnapping case, but later they were released on bail.

The minor girl’s parents moved to the police station to register the kidnapping case of their daughter on 30th April.  According to the sources, Sana with her cousin Naved and his friends Kshitij, Vismit and another person went to Sampada and forced her to seat in the car. However, the girl managed to broke way from the four abductors.

Afterwards, mother of the victim girl embed a complaint at the Turbhe police station.  Naved and his three friends were arrested and released on bail but Sana is on run, said police. They have not traced Sana yet.

According to the police officials, they went to Sana’s Oshiwara house but her house was locked. She was even absent  from the shooting of Salman Khan’s film ‘Mental’.

Sources said that last year, Naved fell for Sampada through social networking site, Facebook. When Naveed proposed her for marriage, she refused. So, Sana took this step to give a lesson to that girl.