Aug 24

Youtube back in business, unblocked in Pakistan

Youtube PakistanIslamabad: Popular Video sharing website YouTube has been unblocked in Pakistan after temporary blockage of blasphemous content.

YouTube was banned in 2012 after the publishing of blasphemous movie regarding the life of Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). According to some sources, the blasphemous content was supposed to remain permanently available.

Earlier speculations were being made as if YouTube will be back to existence or not. Anusha Rehman, minister of IT earlier in a press conference revealed that the video sharing website.

The minister said that the unblocking of YouTube can only be made available after the approval of the government.

According to sources, YouTube has already started working in some cities. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) had prepared a method to block the blasphemous material permanently by filtering or removing from all means of media such as internet and cell phones.

To get access to the latest videos of YouTube, just type [highlight]https:// not http://[/highlight]