Apr 07

Salman Khan avoids Amitabh Bachchan at IPL opening

salman_amitabhOne can say that in tinsel town it’s hard for the celebrities to live by the adage forgive and forget. And we anyway have to agree that awkward moments faced by actors do make interesting stories to read. Kind of similar was seen at the IPL opening night in Chennai.

Buzz says that on Monday evening, actors Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan faced one such moment, when they were present at the same time at the venue for the IPL opening night in Chennai. But, Salman ensured that he kept away from a run-in with Big B, by steering clear from the stage area until the senior actor was finished with his rehearsals.

Eyewitness present at the event informs, “Since Salman got to the venue around the time Amitabh was rehearsing on the stage, the former chose to wait it out in his vanity van before he came on the stage.” While the two stars do exchange pleasantries when they come face-to-face in public, the Bodyguard hero this time spent time in his vanity van with his crew.