Jan 13

Kamdani Bridal Dresses Wear Women Collection 2013

Kamdani A project by FashionKosain Kazmi Bridal Wear Kamdani Collection 2013 is replete with beautiful colors, designs and trendy dresses. You will definitely fall in love with his collection and the type of work he does. His latest collection involves vivid colors such as crystal white, aqua blue, bluish white, blood red and citrus orange etc.

With stunning color combinations, he has brought for you the finest bridal dresses which are sure to stand you out at your special day. There is a huge variety in his designs and color combination giving you a choice to pick a dress of your choice.

Dec 25

Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses Collection 2013

Walima Bridal Dresses Collection 2013 003Walima means marriage banquet and it is one of the integral part of Islamic wedding. It is sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Every Muslim performed walima after nikkah or marriage. Walima is a symbol of celebration of marriage. Every men and women wants to make his/her walima reception unforgettable.

Dec 18

Uzma Bridal Wear Dresses Collection 2013

Uzma Creation has been known as one of the unbeatable and hugely famous clothing brand in Pakistan fashion industry. This brand has been working in the clothing and stylish dresses designing of the women for quite a long time period. With the arrival of every single season and occasional happenings this brand has all the time arrived with fresh looking and dazzling clothing collections. There has been no such collection that has not won the hearts of women. The women anxiously pass out the whole year in waiting for their collections.New Arrivals Bridal Wear Collection 2013New Arrivals Bridal Wear Collection 2013New Arrivals Bridal Wear Collection 2013

Sep 30

Latest Bridal Collection 2012-13 By Tabya & Sadya For Women

Here are the latest fashionable dresses 2012 of the brand which are the most recognizable designs in the world of fashion. These are liked by fashionable for their exquisiteness and elegance.
Whenever the season changes, there is a huge demand of the dresses which are made according to the current season and fashion trend.Latest Bridal Collection 2012 13 By Tabya Sadya 005

Mar 16

Manish Malhotra Bridal Collection 2012

Manish Malhotra has showcased his new collection of wedding wear 2012 at a fashion show inDehli.Manish Malhotra is a very famous and well reputed fashion designer in Indian fashion industry and has gained so many fame in film industry also.The fact that he has attained such success and acclaim at his age is a testament to his talent and work ethic.He has launched his wedding wear 2012 in a pure traditional way and his each dress presented the culture of India.This exclusive groom & bridal collection by Manish Malhotra is full of glamor and exciting..Check out this collection here.Latest Manish Malhotra Bridal And Groom Collection 2012-2