Jun 09

Punjab budget 2012-13 to be presented today

Lahore (June 09, 2012): Mian Mujtaba Shujaa-ur-Rehman will present Rs 780 billion Punjab Budget 2012-13 today.
Punjab Budget 2012-13
The 780 billion rupees Punjab budget 2012-13 would be presented in the provincial assembly today.

The amount earmarked for development will be Rs 246 billion. About 20 percent increase in the salaries of public servants has been proposed. The amount fixed for social development is Rs 85 billion. The education and health will get Rs 30 and 18 billion respectively.

Rs 67 billion on infrastructure, Rs 10 billion on production, Rs 70 billion on police and Rs 9 billion on service sector will be spent. About Rs 20 billion has also been proposed for subsidies on various sectors.

Rs 13 billion on women development and Rs 0.35 billion on minorities will be spent. Rs 4 billion will be allocated for Ramazan Bazaars.

The Ashiana, yellow cab and laptop schemes will also continue during the financial year 2012-13.

Easy loan schemes for women and small farmers have also been proposed in the tax free Punjab budget 2012-13.

Source: Dunya News

Jun 02

Pay Scale Wise Salary Increase Chart Budget 2012-2013 After 20 Percent Adhoc Allowance

Salary Chart: Scale Wise Increase in Salaries after 20 percent adhoc allowance added

Islamabad (June 2, 2012) – Federal Government of Pakistan has announced 20% Adhoc relif allowance in the pays of Government Employees/Public Servants.

The minimum salary increase for grade 1 will be Rs. 960 and for Grade 22 it will be Rs. 8600.Here is Complete details of Budget 2012-2013 Tankha Or Pay status after Federal Budget 2012-13 new list of salaries.


Pay Salary Increase Chart in Budget 2012 13 Annoncement

Jun 01

Federal Budget 2012-13 to be presented today in Parliament

Islamabad (Friday June 01, 2012): The federal budget for the fiscal year 2012-13 will be presented in parliament today.
Budget 2012-13
All the preparations had been finalized for the presentation of the national budget for the fiscal year 2012-13. Both the Houses of the Parliament have been fully prepared for today’s budget sessions separately.

A lot of hue and cry from opposition benches, especially from lawmakers of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is expected against Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani after his conviction from the Supreme Court in contempt of court case against him.

Finance Minister Abdul Hafeez Sheikh while responding to questions on the occasion of release of Survey of Pakistan Report 2011-12, asked the reporters not to end all of their questions as he would have to respond to them day after tomorrow.

Both the Houses of the Parliament were summoned to meet separately by the Acting President Nayyar Hussain Bokhari almost on week ago. It is the 42nd session of the 5th Parliamentary year of the incumbent National Assembly.

It will be the fifth and last budget of the sitting coalition government led by PPP and will be laid before the National Assembly by Finance Minister Dr. Abdul Hafeez Sheikh.

Similarly, as per agenda of the Upper House of the Parliament, copies of the finance bill containing the Annual Budget Statement, for making recommendations, if any, thereon to the National Assembly, will be presented in the House.

Sources said that both the Houses would be adjourned for next two days after budget speech by the Finance Minister.

Well placed sources informed that PM L-N members of the National Assembly of would continue their protest against Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani so lot of hue and cry is expected during budget speech of Finance Minister, however, PML-N Senators are likely to maintain their prestige and sanctity in today’s session.

Source: Dunya News