May 30

Budget 2013-2014:Govt Employees Salaries Increase 10 percent, Pension 30 percent

ISLAMABAD: An increase in salaries in the range of 7.5 percent to 10 percent and pensions in the range of 30 percent is on the cards in order to provide relief against rising inflation.

“The incoming government of PML-N will take the ultimate decision on this subject as the Regulation Wing of the Finance Division has so far prepared two proposals to link salary increase with rate of inflation in the range of 7.5 percent and the second proposal is to jack up salaries by 10 percent,”

Govt Employees Pay Increase 10 percent, Pension 30 percent

Finance Division has made to formula for increase

For in-service employees increase from 7.5 to 10 %

For retired employees (pensioners) increase upto 30 %

Govt Employees Pay Increse 10 percent Pension 30 percent