Jun 20

Cabinet division de-notifies Gilani as PM

Cabinet division has issued notification subjecting to the disqualification of ex-PM Gilani.Cabinet division de-notifies Gilani as PM


According to notification, Yousaf Raza Gilani was disqualified from the post of prime minister on April 26. The cabinet division also issued directives to dissolve the federal cabinet.

The posts of federal ministers, state ministers advisors to PM and special consultants have also been suspended. However, federal ministers along with other cabinet members will enjoy privileges for fifteen days.

The federal cabinet comprised thirty five ministers, eighteen state ministers, four advisers and six special consultants.

The election commission declared Gilani ineligible from April 26 after reviewing Supreme Court’s verdict.

Ex-PM Gilani’s membership of parliament from constituency NA-151 Multan was also suspended.

A seven-member bench of Supreme Court announced the verdict in contempt case against ex-PM Gilani on April 26 on which National assembly s speaker issued another ruling that declared PM Gilani eligible to hold the office.

However, on June 19, a three-member bench headed by Chief Justice declared Gilani ineligible to hold the office of Prime Minister in the light of April 26 verdict.