Jun 30

SC can annul extra-c’tional laws:US CJ

WASHINGTON: U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts has decreed that the SC could strike down any extra-constitutional action of the Congress.SC Can Annul Extra c'tional Laws US CJ

It’s a written constitution of the country wherein the laid down legislatures’ powers is clear and limited.

Declaring Obama administration’s health bill legal, the SC verdict said there is no doubt that it is the responsibility of the court to strike down any extra constitutional Congress action.

It is also said in the verdict that the interpretation of law is the prerogative of the court however it neither has the authority to formulate the policy nor the expertise, as this is the job of the national leaders.

It is further said that the people dissatisfied with the performance of the elected leaders could remove them from power. It is not within the purview of the court to rescue people from the fall outs of political decisions.

SC five out of nine judges including CJ John Roberts were in favour of this verdict