Jun 26

India refuses to deliver dam water data to Pakistan

India has refused to provide Pakistan data about water level in its dams, and expected rains.India refuses to deliver dam water data to Pakistan

According to Dunya News report, this spells grave danger for Pakistan in the wake of approaching monsoon season and resultant floods.

Under the circumstances it would become even more difficult for the Pakistani authorities to take flood-management measures. In this connection the responsibilities of Pakistan Met Office have increased manifold.

The officials of Water and Power department informed the Dunya News that Pakistan High Commission sought from India forecast data about water flow from dams build on Ravi, Sutlej and Bias but India declined this request.

Sources say National Disaster Management Authority held an emergency meeting in this regard and expressed concern over the development.

After India’s refusal Pakistan will be totally depending on its radars installed in Sialkot, Lahore and Mangla for rain and flood assessment in order to become aware of crucial situation.