Sep 30

TDAP Fashion Show Case Day 2 At Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi

The stunning expo went on for its second consecutive day, attracting spectators from all walks of life.
A number of fashion brands illustrated the event, one of which was Gulabo. Founded in 2005 Gulabo is a high street fashion brand, with red roses and truck art as their inspiration they seem proud to be Pakistani.

The collection aims to balance construction and fluidity.
Palettes of black, beige, white and gold, have been used to create garments that transcend effortlessly from day to night.TDAP fashion show case Day 2 at Pearl Continental hotel Karach  3
Fahad Hussain was also a major contender at the show. Palatial Kitsch – ready to wear Pre-Fall 2013 inspired by the fallen decadence of exuberant palaces and glitz and glamour of the cosmopolitan.
The collection featured a wide range of separates and exclusive editions of Fahad Hussayn.
So the collection of this new 2nd day TDAP fashion show there also shows beautiful dresses collection for us which designs with the help of these designerand also we show you some pictures of this fashion show as :