May 19

Funeral of 13-year old student offered in Faisalabad

FAISALABAD: The funeral of thirteen-year old Umer, who committed suicide by self-immolation after getting dismissed from his school by the headmaster of a school over non-attendance, was offered Saturday morning. He had succumbed to his burn injuries Friday night.Funeral of 13-year old student offered in Faisalabad

Umer’s mother fell unconscious after receiving the news of her son’s demise.

According to Umer’s father, they had gone for a family wedding and when the child went to school after two days he was dismissed by the headmaster.

The suicide attempt left 80 percent of the child’s body severely burnt.

The next day they sent an explanation note with the child, but the headmaster did not accept it. On the third day, the father accompanied his son to school but the headmaster refused to listen to him.

When they reached home, Umer went outside and set himself on fire. He was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. According to Doctors, Umer had received severe burns.

Headmaster Ghulam Fareed said that the father of the child had been called over his repeated absences, after which this incident took place.

According to the DCO Faisalabad, Umer had been absent several times and the school administration had summoned his parents about this. When the student returned home and asked his father to come to school, the father refused. It was after this that the student attempted suicide by self-immolation.