May 19

Dolly Bindra opens fire at Veena Malik

Lahore: Furious Bollywood actress Dolly Bindra on Friday said that controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik is humiliating Pakistan’s reputation in Hindustan.Veena Dolli

Dolly Bindra is recently visiting Pakistan and told media on airport that she would reveal the truth about controversial Pakistani actress Veena Malik.

And here it is, she has fulfilled her promise, talking to a local TV channel ‘Geo News’, Dolly Bindra termed Veena as a ‘kalang ka teeka’ on the face of Pakistan, India, art and women.

“For her fame she has stripped off (removed her clothes),” Bindra claimed adding that you have recently seen one nude picture of her wait and see more things are coming forward.

Both, Veena Malik and Dolly Bindra, participated in Indian TV show ‘Big Boss’, where both of them indulge themselves with different types of controversies.

“Veena is not my friend,” the actress said adding that if she (Bindra) would meet her (Veena) then she would beat her with shoes for ten times and count it one.

May 19

“Going nude with ISI tattoo was Veena Malik’s idea”

Karachi: Painting ISI tattoo on her arm was Veena Malik’s idea and she is doing everything to get American nationality, says Dolly Bindra, an Indian actress who is on a trip to Pakistan.

Bindra said that Veena Malik was neither leaving India nor ready to come to Pakistan.

She said that Veena Malik was wholly responsible for spoiling Muhammad Asif’s career. She said that Asif went to prison while Ms Malik eat up her money.

The India actress was talking to Geo News, a leading Pakistani channel, on Saturday.

It is to mention here that Malik appeared nude with an ISI tattoo on her arm while covering her “assets” with two arms in FHM magazine