Jul 02

Dr.Amir Liaquat Hussain Pakistan Ramzan Sehri Transmission 3rd Ramzan

Pakistan RamzanDr.Amir Liaquat Hussain Pakistan Ramzan Sehri Transmission 3rd Ramzan The beautiful land of Pakistan, the one that borne the seeds of rich culture, scentful sand, brotherhood, humanity & most importantly the peace; through the years we have lost the charm and the heart to recognize it.

Under the prevailing situation of Dear motherland, Pakistan Ramazan is a beam of light to bring together every cast, creed, religion, culture, sect residing under the green flag of Pride & to remind us all what Pakistan really is. It is to remind us that together we need to fight the extremist factors occupying our society to eliminate them in this Holy Month. Only through unity, mutual efforts and promoting peace.

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Jul 17

Sana Bucha Returns to Geo News “Lekin” Sticks to her Principled Stand

Karachi: Finally Sana Bucha, a leading female TV anchor, has made comeback to Geo News after settling his dispute with the TV management.Sana Bucha

Sana appeared in her “Lakin Doosri Tarf” show on Sunday with telling the story of her resignation and comeback to the country’s leading media group.

She endorsed the speculations, which has been doing the round on social media, that she had left the TV due to appointment of Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain, without mentioning his name.

Neither i have been on annual vacations nor i had some personal engagements. I resigned from Geo News, seeing the TV channel was it self going against what it taught me. I learned from Geo how to fight for truth. I have not changed my position i am stick to my principled stand.

She dispelled the reports that she resigned from the TV channel for remuneration issue.

Sana told the viewers that upon her advice the TV channel embroiled upon a new campaign of social contract, which she claimed would set new rules for the media organization and every individual would be responsible for his/her deeds irrespective of how much commercials and ratings he/she bring for the TV.

” I like things black and white, i don’t like grey areas,” she concluded.

Jul 12

Mother lashing Geo TV on rehiring Dr. Amir Liaquat

Lahore: A mother from Lahore apparently angry on load-shedding and constant ups and downs in belongings of TV anchors, lashes out at Geo TV over rehiring famous host Dr. Amir Liaquat Hussain.Dr Aamir Liaquat

Uploaded by her son, the video has so far been viewed over 28,000 people with hundreds of comments on it.

Her son named Momin Ali says “For the past few days my mother has been so angry at GEO and Shahbaz Sharrif and constantly complaining to me about this. I, in good humour said ” make a video and put it on youtube, lets see who agrees with you” and well she just got serious!!!”

What does this mother had to say? Watch this in video and give your respond in comment box below!