Oct 14

Dr. Shakil Afridi caught using wireless phone in Peshawar jail

PESHAWAR: A wireless phone was recovered from the custody of alleged CIA informer Dr. Shakil Afridi at Central Jail in Peshawar, SAMAA reported on Saturday. Dr. Shakil Afridi

The recovery was made on a tip-off provided by intelligence agencies to jail authorities.

According to sources, the jailed doctor made at least 50 phone calls from the jail, which was impounded.

Sources add that the wireless phone was allegedly provided by an on duty police commando, who was arrested while four other guards were suspended. They were all replaced with other personnel.

On the other hand, security agencies initiated a probe to ascertain how exactly Dr. Afridi got the phone.

It is reminded here that mobile phones don’t’ work in Peshawar’s central jail due to installations of jammers.

Dr. Afridi is accused of carrying out a fake anti-polio campaign in Abbottabad in order to get DNA samples of al Qaeda kingpin Osama bin Laden, who was later killed in a raid by US marines.