Aug 08

Eid ul Fitr 2013 in Pakistan likely on Friday

Eid MoonKARACHI: As the nation floods the shopping malls and markets for clothes, shoes and other items, experts predict that Eid ul Fitr 2013 will be observed on August 9.

Reut e Hilal Research Council, who conducts research on crescent watching and its pattern, says that evidences show that moon would be sighted on Thursday.

“Eid ul Fitr will be observed on Friday,” Mufti Khalid of the council said.

Throughout the globe, Muslims have been waiting for official bodies of Crescent Watching or Reut e Hilal, to announce moon sighting for Shawwal.

Met department of Pakistan has already said that scientific calculations saying that moon would be sighted on Thursday, on the 29th Ramadan.