Jul 09

Air India flight makes emergency landing in Pakistan

Nawabshah: An Air India flight made an emergency landing at Pakistan’s Nawabshah airport on Monday. Air India

According to Civil Aviation sources, the flight from Abu Dhabi to New Delhi, carrying 130 passengers on-board, made emergency landing at 3:37am due to technical fault.

The sources said that all the passengers on-board were safe.

The captain of the Airbus aircraft contacted Pakistani authorities and sought permission for an emergency landing after detecting the problem with the hydraulic system.

In New Delhi, an Air India spokesperson said: “The aircraft was flying over Pakistan air space when the pilot saw a warning light in the cockpit and sought permission to land at the nearest airport which was Nawabshah.”

It was also possible that the private Shaheen airline, which has a tie-up with Air India, could provide an aircraft to ferry the passengers and crew to the nearest Indian airport, he said.

Air India’s sources said that their technical staff would depart for Pakistan within few hours.