May 16

express news Watch on Takrar 15th May 2014 (speech on geo tv blasphemy)

takrar on express news 15 may 2014 blasphemy act in morning showWatch Political talk show express news on Takrar 15th May 2014 (speech on geo tv blasphemy) latest episode on Express News – May 15, 2014.

Show: Takrar

Channel: Express News

Host: Imran Khan


  1. Mian Javed Latif PML-N
  2. Dr. Arif Alvi PTI,
  3. Sahibzada Muhammad Hamid Raza Chairman SIC and Senator
  4. Allama Abbas Kumaili President Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan

Topic: Geo Shameful act in oring show(Utho Jago Pakistan).

Takrar With Imran Khan 15th May 2014 Ulma said Watching Geo is Haram::

Geo daily cross its limit. Why they did it? What’s Ulma Views on Geo Act? What Public think about this issue? – Takrar 15-05-2014.

Click Here Watch Takrar 15 May 2014

Feb 02

Massage Centre In Punjab Society Exposed In Baat Se Baat

Dr. Maria Zulfiqar Khan with her team of Baat Se Baat (Express News show) raided a so called massage centre in Punjab Society in Lahore. Host of the show Dr. Maria showed that the massage centre was not used as massage centre and it was actually a sex centre.Baat Se BaatExpress News Team raid on a Massage Center,Video report .