Oct 18

Firdous Winter Dresses Collection 2012 for Women

Recently, it revealed Firdous winter 2012 dresses for women. Firdous Cloth Mills is one of the highly respected textile companies in the country. It offers a wide range of products, the most popular among which are its fabrics for women.Firdous Fall Winter Ladies Dresses Collection 2012 003

The winter collection of Firdous consists of three-piece suit fabrics. Some of Firdous winter 2012 dresses are embroidered while others are printed. Nonetheless, all of Firdous winter 2012 dresses have nice traditional designs. As the outfits in this collection are unstitched, you can make stylish dresses according to your tastes and desires out of them.

Firdous Cloth Mills was formed many years ago and is now one of the notable and famous textile companies in our country. It offers many different products. However, it is popular for its women’s fabrics.

Apart from that, the brand offers bags, shoes and home textiles. It launches several seasonal collections in one year. Just recently, it launched Firdous cotton collection 2012. The prints appeal to many people in Pakistan and abroad. It now sells its products through its own outlets. Apart from that, the fabrics of Firdous Cloth Mills are available through fabric stores in Pakistan and abroad.