Sep 30

New Collection Of Dresses FnkAsia Show cases At TDAP Expo Pakistan

Touching upon the exotic culture of South-Asia, FnkAsia brings you [highlight]”MERCHANTS OF SPICE”[/highlight][highlight][/highlight], a collection of vibrant colours that seem to have washed in on a sea-merchant’s spice board.
The collection:[highlight] Huma Adnan pairs solid,[/highlight] vivid tunics with potpourri pants, drawing out prints and colours that appear to be a complicated mesh of vibrancy but emerge as cohesively as one well-blend style.FnkAsia showcases at TDAP Expo Pakistan
The stunning expo went on for its second consecutive day, attracting spectators from all walks of life. A number of fashion brands illustrated the event, one of which was Gulabo.
Founded in 2005 Gulabo is a high street[highlight] fashion brand,[/highlight][highlight][/highlight] with red roses and truck art as their inspiration they seem proud to be Pakistani.Some pictures of this collection also given below

Pictures Of The Fashion Show In Pakistan 2013…….