Sep 24

EGO Latest Casual Dresses Collection 2012 for Ladies

EGO Casual Dresses 2012 for Ladies pictures are shared below, have a closer look at each of these casual wear dresses and update your wardrobe with latest trendy fashion dressess. EGO Casual Dresses 2012 for Ladies 6

In case if you cannot locate EGO outlet near your home town and want to buy EGO Casual Dresses 2012 then you can also contact the brand representatives on their facebook fan page as well, which is given below.

Apr 16

Waseem Noor Latest Formal & Semi Formal Collection 2012

Waseem Noor began his career with the ladies wear brand, under the label of Waseem Noor. Looking at the range of colors exhibited in his stores (Flagship Stores: 5th Lane Zamzama Karachi,Waseen-Noor-Latest-Formal-Semi-Formal-Collection-2012-a

1st Floor Forum and M.M. Alam Road, Walk Tower, Lahore), one can easily observe his love for colors and how he play around them, making each dress unique to itself yet apart from the rest. He added on

“Ladiees love colors, and Life is nothing without colors.”

Recently waseem noor has displayed his latest creation of formal and semi forma dresses which are so dazzling and gorgeous have a look ..