Sep 16

Gharida Farooqi has quit Geo News,Joins Samaa TV

Famous News Caster Gharida Farooqi has left Geo News and she has joined Samaa TV Network. She was not anchoring from Geo News Channel from past few days. Now she is working in Samaa TV as newscaster and program host. She left Geo after getting smart and attractive salary package and program offer from Samaa TV.Gharida Farooqi

Another stunning Female news caster, Sana Mirza also left Geo News few days ago. Now Geo is looking for any senior female newcaster from Dunya, Samaa Express and other News Channels.

Now Gharida Farooqi will also host 30 minute program on Samaa TV .Till now This program was hosted by Paras Khursheed. Now Paras Khusheed will host 30 minute baat program since 1st September. Gharida will start hosting this program from 17th September 2012.

Timings of program:

Live Program: Monday to Thursday at 07:05 PM.

Repeat Telecast: Tuesday to Friday at 05:30 AM.

Gharida Farooqi :

She has studied journalism. She has done Masters in mass communication

. Now a days she is joying her married life in Karachi.First She was part of PTV News and she got fame after joining Geo News as News Caster. She didn’t have any relative in Pakistani politics as some people claim that she is sister of Sharmila Farooqi.It is wrong claim.

Aug 06

GEO News Anchor Sana Mirza has joined Voice Of America

Pakistan’s famous and gorgeous newscasters Sana Mirza has resigned from the Geo News.Sana Miza has joined the Voice Of America (VOA). Sana Mirza’s rare and extended disappearance from Geo sparked rumours and discussions on social media by her fans with some suggesting Sana has joined the Voice of America .Sana Mirza Voice Of America

Jul 17

Sana Bucha Returns to Geo News “Lekin” Sticks to her Principled Stand

Karachi: Finally Sana Bucha, a leading female TV anchor, has made comeback to Geo News after settling his dispute with the TV management.Sana Bucha

Sana appeared in her “Lakin Doosri Tarf” show on Sunday with telling the story of her resignation and comeback to the country’s leading media group.

She endorsed the speculations, which has been doing the round on social media, that she had left the TV due to appointment of Dr Amir Liaquat Hussain, without mentioning his name.

Neither i have been on annual vacations nor i had some personal engagements. I resigned from Geo News, seeing the TV channel was it self going against what it taught me. I learned from Geo how to fight for truth. I have not changed my position i am stick to my principled stand.

She dispelled the reports that she resigned from the TV channel for remuneration issue.

Sana told the viewers that upon her advice the TV channel embroiled upon a new campaign of social contract, which she claimed would set new rules for the media organization and every individual would be responsible for his/her deeds irrespective of how much commercials and ratings he/she bring for the TV.

” I like things black and white, i don’t like grey areas,” she concluded.