Nov 13

The Government of Pakistan Wants To Bulid ‘Malala Schools For Poor

Islamabad: The government of Pakistan is planning to build ‘Malala Schools’ for poor children to honour the 15-year-old child activist who was shot in the head by the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) gunmen last month.malala

The schools are planned for 16 areas around Pakistan affected by conflict or natural disasters, Nafisa Shah, chairwoman of the National Commission for Human Development, told AFP.

She said that the purpose of the schools is to give a chance to those the impoverished children.

“We have identified the places and (will) soon launch a fundraising scheme to generate finances for these schools,” she said.

Each school will have two classrooms, a verandah, a toilet and space to extend the building if needed.

It will cost 800,000 rupees ($8,220) and provide basic education to both girls and boys.