Jan 27

Hafiz Saeed offers Shahrukh Khan to come Pakistan

Lahore: Chairman of Pakistan’s banned outfit Jamaatud Dawa Hafiz Saeed said on Saturday that he would welcome Shahrukh Khan in Pakistan if he felt unsafe in India.hafiz saeed offer to shahrukh khan

Hafiz gave the statement in a time when Khan seemed to be in problem in India as he was facing criticism from Hindu extremists over being a Muslim.

Earlier Khan in his interview to an American magazine said Muslims had to face discrimination in India and he himself faced the same problem many times. He also revealed that many politicians asked him to go back to his native homeland, Pakistan, after 9/11 incident.

Khan showed worries about the future of his children in the interview.

Talking to a private Pakistani news channel, Express News, Hafizsaid that if Khan felt unsafe in his country I would not only welcome him but also support him for his settlement in Pakistan.

(source sial News)