Mar 09

Govt Hajj Scheme Policy & Applications 2013

Islamabad: Ministry of religious affairs Pakistan announced Hajj 2013 application submission schedule for Pakistani Hujjaj today.hajj 2013application form Hajj Packages Details

This year 180,000 will perform hajj through first come, first serve policy according to Minister for Religious Affairs Syed Khursheed Ahmed Shah.

Hajj quota will remain 179,210 and shall be implemented through government scheme and private Hajj Group Organizers (HGOs) in the ratio of 50:50.

Under the government Hajj Scheme, three categories of accommodation like previous year 2012.

Blue category 

within 900 meters without transport with a rental ceiling of Saudi Riyals (SR) 8000 per pilgrim.

Green Category

within 2000 meters with transport with a rental ceiling of (SR) 6000 per pilgrim.

White Category

beyond 2000 meters with transport with a rental ceiling of SR 3800 per pilgrim.

According to Hajj policy 2013 Airfare for hajj 2013 Pakistan will be Rs 87,500 for South region and Rs. 97,500 for north region.hajj

Hajj Dues for Government Hajj Scheme
Place of Departure
Karachi/ Quetta/ Sukkar
Islamabad/ Peshawar/
Lahore/ Multan/ R.Y.Khan/
 Faisalabad/ Sialkot

While here are names of banks, that are providing Hajj 2013 Government application forms.Forms can be taken from all the branches of the following banks.

Hajj Application Forms and Procedure 2013 Download