May 11

PTI boycotts elections in Hyderabad

pti1HYDERABAD: The Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) has announced boycott of elections in Hyderabad on Saturday.

The leader and electoral candidate of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf (PTI) Usman Kanadi who was contesting elections from PS-45 has boycott from the elections.

He claimed that severe rigging is taking place in the polling stations.

Feb 25

14 blasts rock Sindh railway track

KARACHI/HYDERABAD: Lengths of railway track were blown up in Bin Qasim, Nawabshah, Hyderabad, and Pud Eidan, Khairpur and Ghotki somewhere before and after dawn stopping the up and down traffic, Geo News reported Saturday.
14 blasts rock Sindh railway track
According to police, two blasts were heard before they found out a sizable part of the main track, going through Long Khan Kairio village area of Nawabshah, has been damaged. Continue reading