May 19

Bal Thackeray calls for life ban on Shah Rukh Khan

New Delhi: India’s Hindu extremist leader Bal Thackeray has called for a life ban against the Bollywood King Shah Rukh Khan.Bal Thackeray

The anti-Muslim Shiv Sena chief hit out at the Bollywood superstar for his Wankhede Stadium brawl with the Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA) officials.

Thackeray through his party’s mouthpiece, Saamna described the actor as a villain in real life. He asked if Shah Rukh can bear the injustice done to him United States airport officials then why can’t he tolerate the Indian officials.

The leader backed the MCA’s decision to ban Shah Rukh for life but was disappointed that the ban was reduced to just five years. He feels the pressure from New Delhi resulted in the reduction of the ban.

He was quoted by Samay Live as saying, “If pressure comes from Delhi, it will be further reduced to 5 minutes.”