May 10

Jalebi Casual Or Party Wear Summer Dress Collection 2013

Jalebi was formed in 2010 by Sabeen Waqar. As the name suggests, it offers stylish and funky clothes for women. Most of the dresses of Jalebi come in the category of casual or party wear.Jalebi summer dress collection 2013 1

The clothes of Jalebi are suitable for all women regardless of age or lifestyle. However, in our opinion they are more suitable for younger women as they have quite bright colors.Jalebi new summer dresses 2013 were released some time back. The main feature of these dresses is the colorful and funky kurtas in them. Like Jalebi summer collection 2013, this collection also has casual wear kurtas with bright colors. Most of the kurtas among Jalebi new summer dresses 2013 are printed. Summer colors can be seen on them. The designs of the kurtas in the collection are stylish and created while keeping the current trends in mind. Overall, Jalebi new summer dresses 2013 are quite suitable for wearing to work or college. However, young women and girls will find them more suitable for themselves.