Aug 14

Jasmeen Manzoor’s latest revelatory publication slams MQM

jasmeen manzoor finalLONDON: Former Pakistani Samaa TV anchor Jasmeen Manzoor has once again seen bringing up ‘surprising’ facts through his revelatory digital publication and slammed the country’s political party Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

Jasmeen Manzoor, who was vanished from the media eye after receiving life threats from allegedly unknown political-backed assassins, has emerged with her recent blog ‘TRUTH” Behind My Silence!’.

The former TV anchor said that her silence should not be assumed as weakness as it can be judged by a large number of viewers and truth lovers which finally lead to resignation from Samaa after 4 years.

She said that the worsening days started from the day of Pakistan’ general election 2013 on May 11 when she caught some persons red handed stamping fake votes for a political party, Mutahida Qaumi Moment (MQM).

“My excitement turned into my nightmare. I decided to cast my vote along with my old mother and my brother.”, she said.

Manzoor claimed that the suspected persons misbehaved by pushing and ripping her shirt while her mother, who was present to cast her vote as well, fell down during the fight.

She said that the TV channel’s management stopped her for a live election transmission for discussing the event in order to prevent anger of Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

According to her latest publication, she was informed by security agencies regarding assassination plan of her or any member of family after she conducted live shows on MQM chief’s controversial speeches which lead to heavy criticism on Altaf Hussain in Pakistan and abroad.

Later that night Mr. Altaf Hussain, the founder and chairman of Mutahida Qaumi Moment (MQM) made very incited telephonic speeches from London in which he talked about killing people and abused the journalists and anchors calling them barking dogs. By now the entire media of Pakistan had focused on Karachi.

Jasmeen Manzoor said that all the intelligence agencies reports including CID, Intelligent Bureau (IB), Inter services Intelligence (ISI) all terrorists belonged to the largest ethnic political party of Karachi Mutahida Qaumi Movement (MQM).

“These reports were sent to the Government of Pakistan on all levels”, she added.

Jasmine clarified that she never received any direct threat from MQM before being told by the Intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

The former TV anchorperson also described suspected behaviour of MQM’s chief Altaf Hussain and other prominent party leaders including Governor Sindh, Mr. Ishrat Ul Ibad, member of London’s Rabitta committee Nusrat Nadeem, Wasaay Jalil and Saif Abbas.

“I requested help from my news channel (Samaa TV), from the government and from law enforcement agencies but no one was ready to seriously resolve this issue I was told to move in a bullet proof car ! To keep a low profile or rather better move from Karachi . How can I a journalist move in a bullet proof car ? Where would I get a car like that from ? But no one was there to help me. What did I do which compelled any political party to send target killers for me? I was doing my job honestly.”, Jasmeen said.

She informed Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif in presence of entire media during energy conference about the potential threats of target killing at me and my family without taking the name of any political party but the PM had nothing to say he only expressed sorrow at her dilemma.

Interior Federal Minister Chaudhary Nisar and Director General, Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) were also informed by the situation but all efforts went into vein.

Jasmeen Manzoor refused the reports for leaving Pakistan and profession by saying, “I would never leave my homeland and I would never leave my profession, no matter if gangs kill me.”

She vowed to book about her experiences as a female Journalist which will truly reveal the real persona of political entities and true colors of the establishment of Pakistan.

The former TV anchor reiterated, “I am not leaving my country and profession, I lived as a journalist and will die as a journalist. I may not live but my writings will surely live and will keep enlightening people”

Jasmine Manzoor’s recent publication tweeted on her official account as well while several senior journalists and media persons were invited to read the article.

According to Jasmeen Manzoor, she is residing in an undisclosed location in Pakistan as in self imposed exile due to serious threats from unknown target killers because security agencies have asked to do so.