May 06

Kayseria Summer Collection 2012-Volume II

Bareeza does not need any introduction. It is the first most outlets from which Sefam Private Limited started its long successful journey. Bareeza was initially launched in Lahore and offered premium quality embroidered clothes for women. Later it spread in other cities of Pakistan as well. Today bareeza is not only selling its embroidered fabrics in Pakistan but also in Dubai, Sharjah, UK, as well as India.kayseria summer 2012 volume-II
Sefam Private Limited has many brands today offered in Pakistan. One of which is very well known Kayseria. Early in this year, Kayseria’s volume I of summer 2012 was launched. Volume I had all the elements women need in their attire. It had amazing colors, designs, quality and nice embroidery. Looking at the demand among the women, recently Kayseria’s volume II has been launched.