Oct 10

Girl kidnapped, raped by cousin in India

Mumbai: A class seven girl was abducted from her residence and allegedly raped by her distant cousin in Panipat, a city of India, on October 3. women rape case

According to reports, the accused on October 3 had lured the girl to accompany him in an auto-rickshaw telling her that her father was waiting for her at Panipat bus stand.

The police complaint said that the accused had told the victim that her father was waiting for her with gifts. However, he took the girl to an undisclosed location, kept her there for a night, allegedly raped her and abandoned her at the bus stand on October 4.

Police had registered a case of abduction against 25-year-old cousin but the culprit was still free as the law enforcement authorities were waiting for medical report.

(source thenewstribe.com)