Nov 24

Lahore police arrest man for killing 13-year old son of ex-boss

LAHORE: Police have arrested a man for killing 13-year old son of an ex-boss in Lahore,

Amjad, a former employee of Ajaz Ahmad- a resident of Bilal Ganj area of Lahore- killed 13-year old Noman, son of former boss Ajaz, after kidnapping and buried his dead body near edge of River Ravi.killing 13-year old son of ex-boss

Shafiqabad Police Station traced the killer, during investigation of boy’s murder, and arrested him from Safanwala Chowk in Muzang area of Lahore.

Amjad has confessed of killing the boy while police have vowed to punish the killer according to law.

When dead body of Noman reached his home after postmortem, turmoil broke out in the area with grief and sorrow.

Aggrieved family of the murdered boy has demanded maximum stern punishment for the killer to make him a sign of fear for the other culprits. SAMAA