Apr 20

Lala Dahlia Lawn Dresses Collection 2013

DHALIA 2 By LALA Collection 2013 For Women 007Lala Dahlia lawn 2013 consists of all the extras, it is still reasonably priced. There are many pretty and colorful designs in this summer lawn range of Lala. Thus, you should consider buying a dress from Lala Dahlia lawn 2013 volume when going shopping for lawn next time. You will find fabulous fabrics for making casual wear and evening wear dresses in it.

Lala started providing fabrics many decades back. It is now a renowned firm for fabrics in Pakistan. It is known for its beautiful designs on the fabrics for ladies. The fabrics are also of good quality and the prices of the suits are quite reasonable as compared to many other companies’ fabrics. It provides not only premium fabrics but printed fabrics also.

Apr 08

Lala Textiles Dahlia Lawn 2013 For Women

Lala textiles Dahlia Lawn Collection 2013 For Women 04Lala Textiles Dahlia collection are indicative of a dynamic new approach to women’s fashion. Lala Textiles introduces for the very first time a new spring/summer collection inspired from Mughal traditional designs adding elements with custom cuts that portray the rich culture of that era. The collection is designed to create elegance through its simplicity, and consists of warm tones of crisp red, emerald green, yellow, royal purple, champagne and magnolia. Dahlia by Lala endows a lighter feel with its smooth touch and tranquil appeal. The limited edition collection is targeted towards

Having started as a trading house in Pakistan in 1947, the Lala Textiles brand launched its first retail label in 1972 and has today grown to encompass seven diverse retail brands providing accessible summer; midsummer and winter fabric ranges; these include lines such as Vintage, Sana & Samia, La Femme, Kesa, Brocade, Khaddi & Lala Classic.