Apr 26

Rizwan Moazzam Latest Embroided collection 2012

Rizwan Moazzam fashion designers label was officially launched in the summer of 2000, getting their inspirationfrom the fabric used in the clothing,the designer leans on simple styling where in the client’s personal style is thefocus.Rizwan Moazzam latest embroided collection 2012 a

According to them” a creator is free only when hedoes not feel obliged to follow the trend” using strong flowing lines,which is crafted & structured with good accuracy and intricate designing’s, yet play full evokes afaminity that is strong and soft at the same time.

Uncluttered and unconventional, RM’s main priority ontheir collections remains comfort and personal style of the woman who wears them. They have also showcased their collections at local & international fashion arena during the last few years.
Recently Rozwan Moazzam fashion house has showcased their latets party wear embroided collection 2012 .Rizwan Moazzam latets collection 2012 is consisting on embroided silky frocks and churidar pajamas looking very nice and stylish. have a look ..