Jun 11

Sadda Adda 2012 Watch online full indian movie

Sadda Adda stands for a bachelor pad inhabited by six single males with assorted aspirations. Kabir (Kunal Pant) works as a salesman but is in hunt for a stable job to settle in life. Safal (Parimal Aloke) is studying hard for his civil services exams. Rajat (Rohin Robert) has only dreamt of a white-collared job in US since always. Jogi (Rohit Arora) is the gullible fatso. Irrfan (Bhaumik Sampat) has a love-hate relationship in office – hated by boss and loved by a colleague (Kahkkashan Aryan). Sameer (Karanvir Sharma) is a theatre artist who aspires to be a film-star someday but loses focus on falling in love with Shreya (Shaurya Chauhan).
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