Aug 15

China Chowk echos with mysterious firing from armed person with woman and kid Live Update

Sikander hostages Islamabad PoliceISLAMABAD: Seems to be confident on his move, an armed man on a black car at China Chowk of Islamabad with a woman and a child has alerted the law enforcing agencies.

The unknown person, wearing dark colour Shalwar and Shirt, has been holding Kalashnikov and has been firing intermittently in air.

According to eye witnesses, police has surrounded the car, which is standing near China Chowk.


  • Elite commandos and Rangers commandos have arrived on the spot
  • Another reports quotes that he has steel business in Dubai
  • Geo News has reported that the armed person lives near Faisal Mosque.
  • The armed person has got out of the car carrying two guns and heading towards bushes possibly to pass urine as he passes one of his gun to his wife
  • Police officials say that the armed person is nervous and that they do not want any operation as kids could be used as human shields
  • Police is making negotiation prolong
  • Sikandar, the armed person, is reportedly belonged to Hafizabad district
  • The lady name is possibly Kanwal, as Dunya News reported, who has done M.A Journalism from Lahore
  • Name is said to be Sikandar of this persons, officials say
  • Officials say number plate of the vehicle is fake
  • The spy-type armed person has got out of the car and has been speaking in high tone with police
  • Confidence is so high that person has lighten up its cigarette
  • SSP operations has walked away from the car while the armed person has once again got back into car
  • Dr. Rizwan has asked the armed person to surrender
  • The armed person insisting for provision on safe exit claiming he is not a criminal
  • Scores of people have gathered around the scene, which seems to be an act of spy films
  • After insisting from the person, SSP Operations Dr. Rizwan has reached the person and discussing the matter
  • Police officials have refused to go near the suspect who has two guns with him
  • “Where you want to go?” police officials have asked the lady.
  • The unknown woman said the armed person was her husband while her two kids were also on the car.
  • Woman in the car with the armed person walked through the roads to police officials who have been on spot, which is considered as red zone or high security area.
  • The car’s body already damaged possibly of an accident.


Aug 08

Eid ul Fitr 2013 in Pakistan likely on Friday

Eid MoonKARACHI: As the nation floods the shopping malls and markets for clothes, shoes and other items, experts predict that Eid ul Fitr 2013 will be observed on August 9.

Reut e Hilal Research Council, who conducts research on crescent watching and its pattern, says that evidences show that moon would be sighted on Thursday.

“Eid ul Fitr will be observed on Friday,” Mufti Khalid of the council said.

Throughout the globe, Muslims have been waiting for official bodies of Crescent Watching or Reut e Hilal, to announce moon sighting for Shawwal.

Met department of Pakistan has already said that scientific calculations saying that moon would be sighted on Thursday, on the 29th Ramadan.

Jul 29

Shahbaz Sharif announces financial assistance for position holder student of Kasur

Mian Shahbaz SharifLAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has announced financial assistance for meeting the educational expenditure of a student Haroon of Kasur who has achieved prominent position in matriculation examination.

According to TheNewsTribe’s correspondent from Punjab capital city Lahore, Haroon is the son of a local plumber.

The Chief Minister said that the students like Haroon are a precious asset of the nation who despite financial problems achieved prominent position in examinations through their hard work and determination.

“All problems can be overcome with courage and steadfastness.”

Shahbaz Sharif said that Punjab government is implementing a comprehensive programme for the encouragement of talented girl and boy students and not only educational scholarships are being given to them for studying at prestigious educational institutions but they are also being sent on study tour abroad.

The Chief Minister also congratulated the father of Haroon.

Jul 27

KPK govt’s bid for moving justice as 1st mobile court launched

KPK mobile courtsPESHAWAR: In what could be said a unique bid to provide justice to citizens, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government launches first Mobile Court in the province.

The moving justice or Mobile Court has been launched for the first time in the provincial capital of Peshawar in collaboration with foreign donors.

The court aimed at providing justice at the doorstep of the people, who usually have to face a humiliation of years before they could get justice from the normal courts.

KPK government has planned 11 such courts in the province including four in Peshawar, three in Malakand Division, two in Hazara Division and two in other districts.

The beautifully adorned buses have been painted with green and white colours with interior gives you the sense of a court, but a congested one.

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Jul 27

Pakistani model Mathira wishes Zardari happy birthday

mathira zaradiISLAMABAD: Pakistani model Mathira wishes the countrys president Asif Ali Zardari happy birthday.

Mathira said “We remember Shahrukh Khan’s birthday, we remember Katrina Kaif’s birthday, but we never remember the birthday of the man who runs this country,” said Mathira.

Expressing her fondness for President Zardari, she said “the man has a personality.” “I really like that guy I think he’s great. I wanted to do something special for him on his birthday and so I did.”

In her very own Marilyn Monroe moment, the official Lux Style Awards Facebook page posted a photo of Mathira holding a cupcake in her hand to wish President Asif Ali Zardari, whose birthday falls on July 26. A statement on the corner of the picture read: “Happy Birthday, Mr President.”

While speaking to The Express Tribune about her photo, which went viral just a few hours after its release, she exclaimed that the “birthday boy” should have a great time. “We remember Shahrukh Khan’s birthday, we remember Katrina Kaif’s birthday, but we never remember the birthday of the man who runs this country,” said Mathira.

Expressing her fondness for President Zardari, she said “the man has a personality.” “I really like that guy (President Zardari), I think he’s great. I wanted to do something special for him [on his birthday] and so I did.”
“The best thing about him is that he has a ‘personality’,” continued Mathira. “Believe it or not, he can turn heads around when he enters the room.”

“People and the media don’t see his positive side. We make jokes about him, we belittle him. We forget that he has the country’s responsibility on his shoulders.”

Mathira hopes that Zardari is elected as president for a second term, too. “We should not place blame on him for everything that goes wrong in the country. No one knows what he must be going through.”