Feb 06

Asad Rauf agreed to the demands of Indian model leena kapoor

Asad Rauf accepted all the demands of Indian Model Leena Kapoor. Couple of days ago, an Indian model Leena Kapoor claimed to have relationship with Pakistani empire Asad Rauf. Recently the famed Pakistani empire Asad Rauf agreed to whatever she demanded from him, and in turn Leena Kapoor didn’t file a case against him.

Pakistani Umpire Asad Rauf and Model Leena Kapoor Scandal

Pakistani Umpire Asad rauf & Leena Kapoor Scandal

According to details, couple of days back Indian Model Leena Kapoor, during a press conference, claimed that Asad Rauf and she had a relationship which he is denying now. She said that he is going against his promise by not getting her a home and she will be filing a case against him for it.

She also provided pictures of Asad Rauf with her, as a proof that they both were together. And recently the newscame across that Asad Rauf agreed to al the demands of her.