May 11

Watch Live Election Streaming

Election CellElection cell is a program that is based in the Geo Election cell Headquarters. It is an introduction to the elections, an in-depth analysis on districts and major cities of Pakistan, an explanation of each political party’s manifestos and a holistic overview of your candidates and what they will bring to your country.

It is the one show that will give it’s viewers what they need to know about their candidates so that they can make a well informed decision on who to vote for. We will discuss the dynasties that rule Pakistan’s politics and the issues that will decide who people will vote for in thiselection.

Our election cell sey pochiye segment will allow people from all over Pakistan to be a part of GEO’s election cell headquarters. We will be taking questions from citizens through facebook, twitter, phone calls, smses and also through our reporters who will ask citizens if they have any questions.

We will emphasize that no question is a stupid one, so that the election process is clear for everyone — and citizens can make a well informed decision on who they want for their future leader of Pakistan.

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