Jul 10

Mallika Sherawat Arrested for Dance Performance

mallika sherawatBollywood item bomb is now facing a serious trouble with her item songs, She is seen in many B-town as an item girl and club dances are also apart of her career.

She even did few bold songs in public too for new year parties etc. This party events bought her a lot of troubles which is now pushing her into jail too.

A case was filed on Mallika sherawat for her obscene dance performance on 2006 December 31st in a new year party. Police filed a case on this and a case was running on her from 2006 and she never attended court showing her call sheets as a reason for it.

Well mumbai court took this as a serious issue and put a deadline for her , If mallika is not ready to attend court before august 19th then she will be arrested. An non bailable arrest warrant is also issued on her.

May 23

Mallika Sherawat dressed to kill at Cannes

Mallika attended Cannes Festival and raised many eyebrows with her super revealing gown.Malika Sharawat

Mallika Sherawat, the true sex goddess of Bollywood who has turned an international sensational star, is the one who is widely famous for her bolder avatars, dare to bare attitude and red carpet appearances.

She attended the 65th Cannes Film Festival and raised many eyebrows back in India with her super revealing gown that left nothing to imagination.

Mallika too is a regular at Cannes like Aishwarya Rai. Last time when we spotted her on the red carpet event of Cannes, she was having a snake draped around her neck.

She was promoting her film ‘Hiss’ at that time.

his time around, Mallika stepped on to the red carpet wearing a nude colored gown which really left nothing to your imagination since it was much revealing and showing off her private parts in plenty.

Mallika Sherawat, talking to media over there, says that she loves Cannes Film Festival since it is the event which brings in together various cultures.

She goes on adding that it happens to be a meeting point for the celebs from various countries – it has an Indian pavilion right next to it exists an American pavilion and there is a Qatar pavilion. Where else you can find it in the world, she adds.

She walked on the red carpet for the movie ‘Madagascar 3’ premiere and flaunted her bare back in a plunging backless nude colored gown. This outfit was held using a thin waist belt.

From front, it was displaying her utter body since it was completely see-through and she was wearing nothing beneath. Mallika told that it was designed by Ali Mahdavi, who is a famed fashion iconic figure in France. The glittering diamond earnings added another sparkles to her already sparkling persona.

In short, she was killing with her sex appeal and was the center of attraction for the paparazzi out there.