Nov 30

Maria Khan Pakistani Fashion Model Has Passed Away By Heart Attack

Maria Khan who is a beautiful pakistani fashion model and actress  has passed away from us a few hours ago.She was a 28 years old and passed away by

a heart attack; Maria Khan had passed away, leaving her fans and close friends stunned and in a state of total shock.maria khan death news
Maria was one among numerous Pakistani actresses, who earned a reputation and recognition for themselves although they had very small and kind of short-lived careers.
 The actress was reportedly laid to rest in Pakpattan, the capital city (of Pakpattan District) in the Sahiwal Division; a place that was hometown to Maria Khan (late)
She is so much nice girls and also a lovely friends we are all much surprised  and shocked to hear her death news.I also pray for her that God Bless her with His Kindness .(May Her Soul Rest In Peace)………..