Nov 20

Cashier shoots and kills fellow salesman in Islamabad

A man named Faisal Alvi has uploaded CCTV footage of his brother being shot by his fellow shopkeeper in sector F6 of Islamabad.

According to Faisal Alvi, his brother worked in a medical store called MediPlus in Islamabad’s F6 sector. Victim’s brother claims that the store is owned by a Minister (MNA) of Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) and that he arranged for the victim to be killed by one of his men who worked in the store.CCTV

In the footage it is clearly seen that the man (Cashier) in Camera 1 picks up an automated gun and points it towards the man in Blue shirt (victim’s brother) in Camera 2 and shoots.

The man in Camera 2 is seen collapsing on the floor immediately after being shot.

After a few seconds, the shooter is seen handling the gun again resulting in a few more shots being fired towards the floor.Faisal Alvi has expressed some serious concerns over the investigation into the matter by Islamabad Police. He believes that his brother was shot and killed because the owner of the medical store Atif Riaz, brother of MNA Shahreyar Riaz had him killed by the man in Camera 1 (the cashier).

The shooter is currently in Adyala Jail and is believed to be receiving moral and legal aid by the owners of the medical store.

According to the video, it is still unclear whether the shooting was just an accident or a deliberate mistake.

Police has completed its investigation, declaring it as a friendly fire incident. While Mr Faisal Alvi is still seeking justice for the loss of his brother’s life.