Jun 20

Mehar Bukhari must quit Dunya TV Channels

Karachi: Mehar Bukhari added her name in the sting operation against the superior judiciary and the CJP in that special interview of Malik Riaz on Dunya TV.Meher Bukhari scandel

People around the globe with interest in Pakistani politics watched her doing everything to please the property tycoon through her conversation supported by body language during ‘off-the-air’ intervals. She tried her best to get Malik Riaz’s attention and ‘blessings’. He responded with ‘fatherly’ attitude. To please her, he promised to give her exclusive one-to-one interview in future. The whole ‘episode’ reminded me of slave mental mind-set our society suffers from.

Despite her explanation the next day on her talk show, she cannot hide the factual visuals seen by millions a day earlier. The question is why did she want to have another one-to-one interview? Didn’t she do enough ‘Khush-Amadi’ in those two hours that she wanted more hours? What else she could have done that she didn’t do in that interview?

Whether she likes it or not, the paradoxical approach in ‘on the air’ and ‘off the air’ visuals brought her down in the eyes of the public. Khwaja Asif tried to save her integrity by calling her a ‘collateral damage’. It is not as simple as that. The only way she can distance herself from the sting operation and be counted as ‘collateral damage’ is to resigns from Dunya TV as her colleague Nasim Zahar did. That is the only honourable way out otherwise showing selected clips of her conversations and trying to explain her position is like cleaning her greasy hands with water instead of turpentine. Moreover it can cast a shadow on her husband Kashif Abbasi’s integrity, who is known to be an upright anchor person.

Finally, if one removes the clip in which Mubashar Lucman received a call from PM’s son and handed over the telephone in a disgraceful manner to Riaz Malik, he acted and sounded more upright than Meher Bukhari during those crucial ‘off the air’ time.

Jun 15

Video leak a conspiracy against our workers: Dunya News

Lahore: After the leakage of unedited interview of Malik Riaz, the real estate tycoon and main character behind Arsalan Iftikhar graft case, with Mubashir Lucman and Mehar Bukhari on Dunay News, the television has termed the whole episode as conspiracy against them.Video leak a conspiracy against our workers

“The other media groups and some politician are afraid of Dunya News’ increasing popularity therefore they are hatching conspiracy against US,” the television reports.

“An orchestrated campaign was launched against Dunya TV by nefarious elements. Dunya newspaper is in the offing and its popularity has threatened the vested interests.”